Take a deep dive into these rough cuts and see how the sausage is made.

Double or Muffin’s self-titled debut, ‘Double or Muffin’, is the first full-length release by Double or Muffin. Drawing inspiration from late 70’s punk, this album is raw and playful. It was recorded entirely live over four days in February 2017. Whimsical, fantastical, satirical, these are dart-picked songs that the band deemed playable (plus two improvised studio outtakes). Whatever your musical tastes, this is an eyebrow-raising collection of strange recordings.

Twilight in Seattle, an ode to Jonathan Richman‘s ‘Twilight in Boston’,  is an improvised song created for local music project Ball of Wax.  Ball of Wax is a quarterly compilation of themed songs. This quarter’s challenge was Long Songs (songs 10min or more in length). Take a weird walk from Golden Gardens to the U-District in this hallucinated 15 minute improvisation.

Live at Sea Monster Lounge. This show is comprised of improvised and composed tunes.